Class Schedule for April and May 2019

All Classes are Plant-Based and GF

Plant-Based Lifestyle “How To” What Would You Like To Learn?

Thursday April 18, 6 – 8PM

Ease and excitement in the kitchen CAN be yours as You create amazing food from fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds.  We will show You how to create lasagna, soup, salad dressing, dessert And give You ideas on how to make ???? ….what would You like to learn?

$35 This demonstration class includes recipes to take home, kombucha, and tastes of everything we create during the evening.



Thursday May 9, 6 – 7:30PM

Tired of big city prices??? D.I.Y.!
In this class you will learn: How to start your own kombucha culture. How to brew kombucha along with bottling options. Flavoring ideas and maintenance.
Some of reported benefits that these living beverages have to offer.
This is a demonstration class.
$35.00 * – includes serious snacks, instructions, Your own starter s.c.o.b.y., and starter kombucha

*Please note: We need a minimum of 8 participants to proceed with the class. In the event that minimum numbers are not reached participants will be notified in advance with substitute dates or full refunds provided.

CANCELLATION POLICY – No refunds. If you wish to cancel within 48 hours of scheduled class, you will receive full credit towards future classes. If you cancel within 24 hours you will receive a 50% credit towards future classes.


Call the kitchen to enroll in class and pay by credit card


come on over!



  1. Love u n all u R !!

  2. Sure wish you would do another Dehydration-Max Nutrition class again! Pleeeeease!

  3. I am looking to change my life, by eating whole plant based foods. I am interested in learning, (cooking classes) for macrobiotic or vegan, or plant based cooking style…

  4. Great to hear, Melinda. Our classes are a great way to learn more about whole food, plant-based diets. I hope you join us for the next one!

  5. Hi Ninfa! Thanks for your feedback. We have a few upcoming classes – hors d’oeuvres and chocolate – but as we plan our classes for early 2015, we’ll look into bringing back the Dehydration class!

  6. Thanks, Carolena! Lovin’ you too!

  7. Love your food!!! Food is Medicine….Keep it going Pat!!!!!

  8. I just found you online and am interested in receiving your newsletter. Your classes look awesome! I am “vegetarian in the world and vegan at home” because you cannot always know what someone else puts into the food you order. I am always looking at recipes and ways to eat healthier.

  9. Very excited about these classes! Looking forward to the next one! Thanks so much and happy holidays!

  10. Hi Jamie! You’ve been added to our list. Be on the lookout for our next newsletter in the coming weeks. Thanks sweetie!

  11. I’m also interested in taking a dehydration class, preferably during the day – maybe a Sunday afternoon?

  12. Loved the kombucha class!!! So fun and so much information. Thank you, Pat, for sharing your knowledge w us and for being there to answer questions even a week later. Big love to you! Can’t wait for your next class

  13. Hello,
    Looking forward to taking some classes! Please add me to your list.

  14. You got it, Stacie! 🙂

  15. Thanks, Marizol! So glad you loved the class!

  16. I am in Dallas and cannot attend, but could I pay and get copies of the information and recipes for my family?

  17. Looking forward to upcoming classes 🙂

  18. Looking forward to classes!

  19. Yay! We’re looking forward to seeing you there, joyce!

  20. Great, Dianna! We’re looking forward to seeing you there, too 🙂

  21. Looking for a change. Anxiously awaiting cooking class

  22. this looks great.

  23. as an amateur home kombucha Brewer, I’m excited to learn more

  24. I want to go!

  25. I’m very interested in learning about being, eating & feeling healthier. Please include me in your newsletter. Do you have any locations near Montgomery, TX

  26. Please add me to your newsletter.

    I love your food and hope to attend a class someday. I live too far away!

  27. I’d love to get on your mailing list! Your classes sound amazing! And I’m a huge fan of your treats.

  28. please add me to your newsletter. thanks!

  29. Great food! Please sign me up for the newsletter!

  30. Please add me to your newsletter 🙂 My coworkers and I are dying to take your class!

  31. Please have some classes soon!!!!

  32. Looking for a Vegan cooking class to present to a Vegan friend

  33. Hello!

    Do you anticipate doing any more classes in the future? Thanks!


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