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In Houston, TX there lives a woman . . . .


In Houston, TX there lives a woman . . . . who loves playing with food and has a penchant for raw, natural foods. Her name is Patricia Greer and she is a co-founder of Central City Co-op. Every week she was faced with the dilemma of what to do with leftover organic produce from the Co-op. After donating the majority of left-overs to the S.E.A.R.C.H. ProjectStone Soup, and the Gospel Light Mission, Patricia began experimenting in her kitchen at home and soon Co-op members and class participants at Whole Foods Market were raving about the delicious and healthy crackers and cookies that were being created from the excess in her kitchen.

Patricia, having too much fun creating all kinds of different snacks was knee deep in a business creating and selling nutritious, delicious, organic snack foods. Soon Co-op member and entrepreneur Charlotte White bought a package of Spinach Curry Krackers and was so impressed with the products that she began a conversation with Patricia. The conversation turned into a friendship and partnership and the rest of the story is up to you!

With deep, heartfelt gratitude for life and it’s bounty, Pat Greer’s Kitchen invites all to practice harmony through every action and intention.

From Blue Marble Marketing’s New Company Watch List:

“Patricia Greer was faced with boxes of left-over produce from her organic produce co-op in Houston. Never one to waste, she started creating raw-food crackers from that produce and selling them at the co-op. They were a hit, and one smitten customer even joined Patricia to grow the business. How’s that for dialoguing with a customer?”

From John Fain, Owner, A Moveable Feast Health Food Store and Restaurant, Houston, Texas:

“These krackers are unique, they need to be out there…there’s nothing else like them on the market.”



  1. thank you for sharing. Nice history

  2. glad you’re still doing what you do:)

  3. I love the histlory. I have eaten at Pat’s kitchen and it is a peaceful haven. I love it. The food is to live for.

  4. Pat, you have been such an inspiration over the years. I love taking your classes; I always have such a wonderful time learning with other like-minded peeps.
    Thank you for everything; keep up the good work!

  5. The staff at Pat Greer’s are very friendly and helpful, allowing customers to sample certain items. Though this place is not a sit down restaurant, I highly suggest that Veg-food lovers and health nuts stop by and give their food a try.


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